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Indian restaurants are establishments that specialize in serving Indian cuisine. These restaurants can be found all over the world, as Indian food is popular globally. Indian restaurants typically offer a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that are made using a blend of aromatic spices, herbs, and other ingredients that are specific to Indian cuisine.

Most Indian restaurants offer a wide range of dishes, from appetizers like samosas and pakoras to main courses like biryanis, curries, tandoori meats, and vegetarian dishes like dal and chana masala. Naan, roti, and parathas are some of the popular breads that are typically served with the main course. Desserts like Gulab jamun and kulfi are also commonly served at Indian restaurants.

Indian restaurants vary in their décor and atmosphere, with some being more traditional and others more modern. Some Indian restaurants offer buffet-style dining, while others offer a la carte menu options. Many Indian restaurants also offer takeout and delivery services.

Overall, Indian restaurants offer a great opportunity to sample the diverse and flavorful cuisine of India, and are a popular choice for those looking to try something new or satisfy a craving for Indian food.